Thursday, September 16, 2010


I've been getting all of these notes from day care telling me how much Markin enjoyed playing with the floor gym. And I kept thinking - "yeah, right - what's so great about laying there looking at the toys." Well, one afternoon when I picked her up last week I got to see her playing with the floor gym and she does enjoy it! Duh - you use extra links to lower the toys to her!!! Can't believe I didn't think of that - and called my sister to chew her out for not telling me to do that, and turns out she didn't think of it either! Now Markin loves playing with her floor gym (thanks Kim and Maeve for giving it to her) and the toys on her bouncy seat. I'm attaching 2 videos of her playing: one with the floor gym (the mirror is at her right and she does enjoy admiring herself in mirrors) and the other is from last night - notice how she's playing with it!

My sister pointed out that Markin's development is a little different from most babies - she has poor neck/head control, but is great at controlling her feet! She actually prefers that I play Pat-a-Cake with her feet instead of her hands!

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