Sunday, April 25, 2010

30 weeks!

Yes, we made it to 30 weeks! Can't believe Sweet Pea will be here soon. Still have so much to do before she comes.

I did finally break down and wear maternity pants. I can still fit into my other ones, but I had a really long day ahead of me and wanted to be comfortable. And I do have to admit, they were a lot more comfortable.

Definitely time to switch to a different Ob. After almost a week, they called with the results of that 2nd urine test - and I had a bladder infection. I called them after being on antibiotics for a couple of days because my lower back hurt on one side (the school nurse thought it could mean a kidney infection) and they basically dismissed me and told me just to go to labor and delivery if I was worried and to stop bothering them. So, the search is on for a new one! Have an appointment with a different one (same office - they have around 10 doctors) in a couple of weeks, so hopefully this will be a good one. Maybe I'll just see a different one every time for the next 10 weeks :)

And I did fail my GD test, but just barely. Figure it's not a big deal - less than 10 weeks left! I have my first "class" this week to see what changes I need to make. Hoping they have some experience dealing with vegetarians, because there are a lot of things I can't eat and I'm worried about Sweet Pea getting enough protein and most of my protein selections also have carbs.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Testing - Sweet Pea passed but I failed!

Well, lots of testing done at my ob appt today. We'll start with the good news.

I got to see Sweet Pea again! She's a stubborn little thing (takes after her mommy :) - she had her back to my front, so I didn't get any good looks at her face but they're 100% sure she's a girl! Her head is down and she was playing with her feet - so cute! She weighs 3 pounds 4 ounces - about a week and a half ahead! (I'm 28 weeks 5 days pregnant and she's the size most babies are at 30 weeks 2 days, but her head is a full 2 weeks ahead in size!) She even has a little hair already (guess that explains the heartburn!)

I did pass the NST (non-stress test) - or really, Sweet Pea did. That's a relief! Guess the reason I don't feel her move as much as before is because of her position - since she's facing in, there aren't as many hits and kicks that I can feel.

The tests I did fail - I'm anemic! Not a surprise, since I'm a vegetarian. But now I need to take an iron pill at night in addition to my prenatal vitamin in the morning (hint for other moms-to-be: calcium decreases how much iron is absorbed, vitamin C helps it - so I need to start drinking OJ with my prenatal). I also failed the urine test and had to retake it (had white blood cells in it, indicating a possible infection). I haven't heard back from them, so hoping the repeat test was okay. And the big failure was . . . the glucose test! Yes, I failed (by a large part) the 1 hour glucose test, earning myself the chance to do the big 3 hour test. Hoping I pass that one, but not holding my breath. And I'll do anything for Sweet Pea, so if I fail that one too, a couple of finger pokes a day won't hurt me - too much!

Some tiny bits of good news - my blood pressure was normal! And they're not worried about it yet, but I lost more weight. I'm down to 1 pound over my pre-pregnancy weight. Guess that's why I don't need maternity pants yet, despite Sweet Pea's size! I get to see a different doctor when I go back in 3 weeks. They're actually letting me rotate between doctors, which I like!

Monday, April 5, 2010


We had our first visit to Labor and Delivery tonight - because of my stupidity! A car parked too close to mine and I thought I could squeeze in, despite the big belly. Well, I ended up with lots of abdominal pains but drove myself home anyway. After I got home, I was still really sore so I called the nursing service associated with my insurance company, just for peace of mind. They recommended that I go to the emergency room right away, despite the fact that I found her heart rate on my dopplar, had felt her kick once in that half hour, and didn't seem to be bleeding or leaking fluid. So, off we went to the emergency room! After I got to the emergency room, they sent me over to L&D because I was over 23 weeks pregnant. They monitored Sweet Pea for a while, had an ob check her heart rate graph and since she had a nice heart rate (160s) and was reactive, they sent me home after 2 hours. Still sore, but relieved that everything is okay!

My blood pressure wasn't too bad (132/76), despite all of the stress.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Going . . . going . . . gone!

I had my last intralipids appointment in Peoria at SIRM this week. I'm going to miss my monthly visits there! I brought bagels in (it's in the middle of their cycle week, so I think that ended up being lunch for some of them - it was busy there that day!) I had to give everyone hugs goodbye and they made me promise to bring the baby by this summer after she arrives.

I also had an ob appt this week. My blood pressure was still high but not high enough to freak them out - 146/80. I actually lost a little weight this time instead of gaining. I'm still disappointed in my ob. Dr. S thinks I should be referred to a perinatalogist because of the APA syndrome/lovenox and Dr. Z doesn't think it's necessary - she doesn't want to share the money! I got a lecture on how perfect my pregnancy is and that I need to stop worrying that things will go wrong. I did manage to talk her into another u/s at my next appt - the big one where they check my blood glucose levels!

Sweet Pea is pretty active - at certain times of the day. She's just starting to be awake more at night, which is good news for her mommy! I think I have all of my registry done, my friend is working on the shower invites (I finally finished up the guest list - which was hard deciding who should be invited and who shouldn't. I erred on the side of inviting too many instead of leaving someone off and hurting their feelings.) I had a great time playing with my nieces during spring break. Also, my blood pressure during spring break was only 116/72!