Saturday, April 3, 2010

Going . . . going . . . gone!

I had my last intralipids appointment in Peoria at SIRM this week. I'm going to miss my monthly visits there! I brought bagels in (it's in the middle of their cycle week, so I think that ended up being lunch for some of them - it was busy there that day!) I had to give everyone hugs goodbye and they made me promise to bring the baby by this summer after she arrives.

I also had an ob appt this week. My blood pressure was still high but not high enough to freak them out - 146/80. I actually lost a little weight this time instead of gaining. I'm still disappointed in my ob. Dr. S thinks I should be referred to a perinatalogist because of the APA syndrome/lovenox and Dr. Z doesn't think it's necessary - she doesn't want to share the money! I got a lecture on how perfect my pregnancy is and that I need to stop worrying that things will go wrong. I did manage to talk her into another u/s at my next appt - the big one where they check my blood glucose levels!

Sweet Pea is pretty active - at certain times of the day. She's just starting to be awake more at night, which is good news for her mommy! I think I have all of my registry done, my friend is working on the shower invites (I finally finished up the guest list - which was hard deciding who should be invited and who shouldn't. I erred on the side of inviting too many instead of leaving someone off and hurting their feelings.) I had a great time playing with my nieces during spring break. Also, my blood pressure during spring break was only 116/72!

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