Monday, April 5, 2010


We had our first visit to Labor and Delivery tonight - because of my stupidity! A car parked too close to mine and I thought I could squeeze in, despite the big belly. Well, I ended up with lots of abdominal pains but drove myself home anyway. After I got home, I was still really sore so I called the nursing service associated with my insurance company, just for peace of mind. They recommended that I go to the emergency room right away, despite the fact that I found her heart rate on my dopplar, had felt her kick once in that half hour, and didn't seem to be bleeding or leaking fluid. So, off we went to the emergency room! After I got to the emergency room, they sent me over to L&D because I was over 23 weeks pregnant. They monitored Sweet Pea for a while, had an ob check her heart rate graph and since she had a nice heart rate (160s) and was reactive, they sent me home after 2 hours. Still sore, but relieved that everything is okay!

My blood pressure wasn't too bad (132/76), despite all of the stress.

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