Monday, November 29, 2010


Too much hair!

When does the shedding stop? It started around the time Markin turned 3 months old and hasn't stopped or slowed down. Everytime I wash it, it falls out by the handful (5+ hand fulls) and I clog the drain. Then more comes out when I brush it! I have plenty of hair, so I'm not worried about being bald (like a friend of mine was after her last kiddo - it never did grow back in that spot), I'm just tired of having hair everywhere. Poor little Markin seems to be covered in it and actually got it wrapped around her fingers and it cut off the circulation. Now, whenever she cries, that's one of the first things I check.

And Markin's hair - can't believe how long it is. It makes her look a lot older than she is. This picture is just for Jen78 :) Yes, this is not a trick - Markin's hair goes a few inches down her back. It's actually long enough that I could braid it if I wanted to - but who has the time? I barely have time to get it out of her eyes in the morning. Might be time for baby's first haircut soon :)


  1. i would say the shedding should stop sometime around 6-7 months. It usually starts around 3-4 months and then stops about 6 months after delivery. It is totally normal and I wish that some Dr's would get that. I have several friends that freaked out when it happened and their Dr's actually went along with their freak out and had their hormones checked. It does get better. My vaccuum was so clogged the brush was not turning anymore...I had to use scissors to get all the hair off!

  2. Yes, the shedding does get better! and OMG--that is a ton of hair for one little girl!