Sunday, February 20, 2011

Say cheese!

As in Mac and Cheese baby food!
My cousins LOVE Mac and Cheese, so as a joke Mommy bought me some Mac and Cheese baby food for our visit there this weekend -- WELL . . . I love Mac and Cheese, too! Cousin Kalini couldn't feed me fast enough, so Mommy took over. After I ate half of the jar, Mommy cleaned me up and I got MAD! I cried and cried until Aunt Karisa gave in and let me have the other half of the jar. I can't wait to have more :)


  1. Aww Mommy she just wanted MORE!!! So cute

  2. She wanted MORE big time! I decided it's time to start working on the sign for more - she hasn't learned it yet, but she'll get it, especially if I'm as strict with her as I am with my students :)

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