Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Christmas Poem 2009

This poem is overdue and I don't mean maybe.
I can finally announce I’m having a baby!

With three months down and six more to go,
I love being pregnant - wish time would move slow.

As you may recall, the attempts were expensive and many,
But now that I’m expecting, it was worth every penny!

G’pa calls my little one the “Million Dollar Baby.”
G’ma is just happy to have a grandson – maybe?

My sister is ready to pass on clothes from the girls
And gives me knowing looks when I say “my baby’s hair will have curls.”

My nieces are excited and just can’t wait
To have a cousin as a new playmate.

The cats are worried - as they well should be.
Their lives will be changing dramatically!

So thanks for listening when my life did suck
And thanks in advance for wishing me good luck!

I hope you enjoy this time of jubilee,
“Merry Christmas” from my family.

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