Thursday, January 21, 2010

December 2009: Ob appt, daycare, and a little scare!

Had my first appt with my ob doctor on 12/17/09 - everything is still going great! I only gained one pound during the first trimester (not bad considering I had to add a mid-morning snack into my daily routine to keep from getting sick). I also got another another ultrasound (u/s) - baby was in the same position as last time. The ultrasound technician wanted the baby to move so she kept jostling him/her and the baby would startle and we'd see little arms and legs flailing about. Heart rate was 171. I was spoiled from my u/s at SIRM - this technician wasn't very friendly and didn't let me linger over every cute thing the little one did like Dr. S did and didn't really give me very good pics, but everything looked good!

Well, I thought I'd spend my Christmas break touring some day care centers now that I'm past the first trimester (13 weeks :) - plenty early, right? Wrong! Found 2 pretty good ones and their waiting lists are pages long! Since I'm a teacher and my school district has a partnership with one of the day cares, I can "bump" some of the people on one list. Really like that one - I can pay only $25 a week to hold my spot over summer vacations instead of $200! (yes, that would save several thousand dollars) but not sure what school I'll be teaching at next year so that day care could really be out of my way -- and they said there were no guarantees I'd get in even if I bumped some people since the waiting list was so long. The other one has a really good reputation also, but they're a little more expensive per week and don't have the summer-off deal, along with a waiting list. Do people put their names on the list as soon as they get a positive test???

Had a very nice Christmas, but had a little scare. I fell down the steps (carrying one of the kittens in the cat carrier - she's fine) and had a little bleeding. It stopped quickly, but I still panicked. Fortunately, I had my intralipids appt in Peoria soon after that and Dr. S let me do an u/s to make sure everything was okay and it is :) (yes, my 4th ultrasound so far) The baby looks good - and much bigger than before. Could see all of the little fingers and toes clearly this time. Still too early to tell if it's a boy or a girl - think I'll have to do one of the Intelligender tests like Aimee did to find out in a few weeks. This ultrasound was so much better than my last one - they're so nice there in the office and were just as excited as I was to see the baby doing so well.

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