Saturday, May 29, 2010

35 weeks!

35 weeks? Already? Yikes! Have a million things to do - and feel like I've already done a million things to get ready for Sweet Pea's arrival! How can one little baby need so much?

I have an appointment with a potential pediatrician lined up. I want to make sure that she'll let me follow the vaccination schedule I want - I don't see any need to give a little baby so many shots all at once, so I want to spread them out. It might mean more trips to the doctor's office, but it'll be worth it in the long run.

Speaking of trips to the doctor's office - Sweet Pea almost failed her NST last week! She decided it was nap time and refused to wake up, even when they buzzed her 4 times. Finally, as the technician left to go get the doctor, she woke up and had 2 nice heart rate accelerations and a couple of movements, so they let me pass. Have another one next week, then a busy week after that. Ultrasound, NST, strep B test, OB appt, and GD appt - all on the same day! (Really hoping everyone is running on time that day.) On the day of the big appointments, I think the goal is to figure out when and how Sweet Pea is arriving. Let's hope she's not too big!

Sweet Pea is still moving around a lot. Every morning I get to watch her settle into her favorite position and my belly button move off center. When I wake up, it's in the middle of my tummy but after she moves, it's a good 1-2" off center! So much fun to watch - after she arrives, I'm really going to miss feeling her move around inside me. However, I can't wait to hold her and snuggle with her!

Nellie's brother and I are doing okay - it's still hard, we both still cry pretty easily, but know she's in a better place and not hurting any more. Every once in a while, we'll still look around for her and her brother calls out to her often, but lately it's been like he's talking to her. I really like to think that she is here in spirit with us.

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