Monday, June 7, 2010

The big appointment

Big appointment today - I got to see half of Sweet Pea's face! As usual, she had her left hand covering part of it and her other arm (right) resting on her head. Attaching the picture - it's the best I've gotten so far! You can see her mouth, her nose and her right eye - and her chubby cheeks!

Well, my little one was super active Memorial Day weekend and managed to get herself turned around into a Frank Breech position. I was given the option of just scheduling the c-section, but asked for the external version - what was I thinking??? I've heard that's supposed to be extremely painful, but figure it's worth trying. However, it might not do any good - even if it does work, Sweet Pea's head is HUGE! It's measuring almost 2 weeks ahead. Her body is nice and normal sized. They're guessing her weight at 6 pounds and 15 ounces. The doctor said I had several things indicating that I'll need a c-section, but if I can avoid it I felt that I should try. So, tomorrow - another u/s and 2 more NSTs (one before and one after), and a nice visit to Labor and Delivery. At least this one is planned!

Packing my bags tonight and leaving extra food out for the kittens, just in case. I figure if I'm prepared, things will go great and she'll cooperate (yeah, right - she's stubborn like her mommy :) -- but the second I'm not prepared, she'll make her appearance!

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