Tuesday, June 15, 2010

We have a date!

My ob is going to be gone on vacation during my 39th week, so I get the ob that I was really impressed with to deliver Sweet Pea! (see the post on March 20th for more info) She's on call the weekend that my 39th week starts, so I have my c-section scheduled for June 26th in the morning. She's on call at the other hospital in town so I'm not going to deliver at my first choice hospital (both were nice, but my first choice offered a closer NICU, a rooftop garden, professional photography, and daily massages for me) - but I figure that won't matter as much as it matters who's cutting into me!

Yes, that's only a week and a half away and there are so many things I need to do! Heading to my sister's tomorrow to buy a new car seat, since the one I have isn't compatible with my car. (who knew?!?) Can't think of the million other things on my list, but I know it's a mile long. However, trying to give myself permission to not have everything perfect - things will get done when they get done and babies can survive just fine as long as they have something to wear (diapers, clothes), eat (hoping for breast milk), and a place to sleep (in my arms - or the bassinet :)

Now that there's an actual date that she'll be here by, it actually seems real - and I'm in a little bit of shock! For the first trimester, I was afraid to get my hopes up that everything was okay. For the second trimester, I was still afraid that something would go wrong until she reached the point that she was "viable" and could actually survive if she came early. At that point, I think I went into denial/disbelief that I truly was lucky enough to have this little miracle entering my life after 4 years of trying so hard to get pregnant. Now, all of a sudden, I'm a week and a half away from holding this miracle. Can't believe how blessed I am to have her entering my life :)

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  1. What wonderful news:) Sounds like everything is going as planned...How nice when that happens...and what a great feeling it will be when you meet and hold sweet pea for the first time:) Kristi