Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I expected the external version to be painful, so it wasn't TOO bad - lots of pressure and I couldn't breathe at times but better than I expected (I had built it up to be really bad in my mind - some of the contractions I've been having are worse than the external version was :) However, I thought that afterwards I'd be fine - wrong! I'm so sore! I looked at my tummy and there are lots of bruises on there. Everytime she moves, I flinch. It hurts when the cats sit on my lap. Might have to take Tylenol before bedtime.

And it was all for nothing! My stubborn little girl refused to budge! They were able to move her less than an inch, so now I get to plan for a c-section at the end of the month. They want to try to wait until 39 weeks, so I guess she'll be coming on June 28th (my mom is trying to talk me into the 30th since my nieces were born on May 10th and July 20th, but since there's no 40th and I'm hoping to have one more baby, the pattern has to be broken sometime!)

They'll do at least 2 more u/s to make sure she's still breech - one at 38 weeks and one right before the c-section, but it looks like she's really comfortable where she is so I might as well just prepare myself for the c-section. On the bright side, my bag for the hospital is now packed, I have the car seat, just picked her pediatrician (I really like her and she agreed to the alternate vaccination schedule), and have lots of other things crossed off my list in preparation for today :)


  1. I can't believe she'll be here at the end of the month! Wasn't it just yesterday you were cycling and finding out your BFP? Crazy! Can't wait to meet lil miss Markin!

  2. Markin, be nice to your mommy! :) Sorry you're in so much pain. I'm excited to see her though! How exciting! Enjoy feeling her move inside you while you can, that's one thing I really miss!!!