Friday, May 7, 2010

So many appointments!

Seems like all I've done this past week is go to doctor appointments. Since being diagnosed with GD, I've had more appointments than I've expected. And, unfortunately, most of them have been a waste of time (my last GD appointment/class consisted of a half hour lecture on trimming the fat off of meat - wasted time since I'm a vegetarian!). They just don't listen to me, so they prescribed insulin which is making my levels go too low. Also, they expect me to eat more carbs than I'm used to, which fills me up too fast and is making me miss some of the protein and veggies than I (and Sweet Pea) need. So, I'm getting scolded for not eating enough and also for not taking all of the insulin they want me to, but I know my body best and know it can't be good for my levels to go that low. So far, I've only been seeing the nurses - I'm looking forward to talking to the doctor Monday and getting accurate information.

There are some new appointments that I enjoy, though. With the GD comes weekly ob appointments and non-stress tests, which are kind of fun. I just get to sit there for a half hour and listen to Sweet Pea's heartbeat - such a wonderful sound! (today she also had the hiccups - so fun to listen to and feel at the same time.) Afterwards I will always have to see a doctor, so it's giving me a lot of opportunities to try out the different doctors in the practice. The gestational diabetes also means that I'll get to see her a couple more times - yes, I get at least 1 more ultrasound and probably 2 :) I was also told to expect her to come around 39 weeks, so only 7 more to go! The time is flying by!

Also had a fun "class" this week - I went to the Happiest Baby on the Block class and am now an expert on the 5 s's (swaddling, side, shhh-ing, swinging, and sucking). Hope they keep Sweet Pea happy after she arrives!

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