Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy heart day!

Just got done listening to the baby's heartbeat - the smoothie I drank must've given him or her a little jolt because it was 177 bpm, a lot higher than the 150 bpm it was on Friday and the 149 bpm on Saturday morning (it's just so reassurring to hear the baby's heartbeat after I got hurt at work on Friday - but there are no signs of any problems and I'm just so relieved that the baby is okay! - and my doctor got me in right away since it was an emergency, no waiting this time!!!) Sounded like the baby was moving around a lot today, too, so maybe the elevated heart rate wasn't all from the smoothie.

Gotta say that I can make good smoothies! I used a frozen berry blend (cherries, raspberries, and strawberries) with half of a banana, a cup of milk and a packet of the carnation instant breakfast powder. Pretty tasty - and has some protein, which I need as a vegetarian.

52 1/2 hours until my ultrasound (with a different u/s technician since I called and got my appointment changed - yea!) and hopefully a glimpse at the baby's "private area" so I'll know if I'm right with my guess of a boy or will be surprised with a girl. Check back Tuesday night for the answer :)

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