Sunday, February 28, 2010

Random thoughts

I went to see my nieces and sister this weekend - and came home with a box full of clothes that my youngest niece has already outgrown, already washed in Dreft and ready to go for my little one. There are some cute clothes in there and most still look brand new. Combined with what I already have, I might only have to do laundry every couple of weeks - and that's accounting for 2-3 outfits a day :)

She's been super active the last couple of days - it's definitely more like little pokes than the vibrations I was feeling before and most of the pokes seem to be aimed at my bladder. And, unfortunately, she seems to be a morning person so far - the opposite of her mom!

I found the book I wanted. It's called Before You Were Born: My Wish for a Baby, about a single mother by choice using IVF with donor sperm to have a baby. They have lots of variations available - I highly recommend anyone who went through infertility (IUI or IVF) and gets their BFP to look into them at

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