Saturday, July 17, 2010

3 weeks old today . . .

. . . and it seems like I've loved her forever. I was kissing her for the millionth time the other day and she gave me a look that said "Mommy, are you done yet?" and I wasn't, of course :) Hope you can read what her shirt says in the picture - it's the truth!

I got an email from my parents today, and they signed off by asking me to give love and hugs to Markin from them since they miss her (you know - they haven't seen her for a whole 36 hours). No mention of love and hugs for me or the cats. I definitely see where I rank now!

I slept through my alarm last night at 2:30 when I was supposed to wake her up to eat - or maybe I forgot to set it. Anyway, I didn't wake up but she woke me up at 3:30 to eat. I think that maybe she can go 4 hours at night instead of 3, especially since she ate better/longer last night than she usually does. I might try it again tonight and see what happens.

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  1. lovin' these pictures, keep them coming! I think you're right, let her sleep until she's ready to eat. Otherwise, how will you know when she's ready to wait longer to eat? We stick to the 3 hours between bottles during the day, because they seem to get hungry. But at night they have been going almost 7 hours! You wouldn't want to wait that long, but let her tell you when she's hungry. You'll get more sleep that way ;)