Friday, July 16, 2010


Markin and I brought Nellie home today. It's kind of a relief to finally bring her home where she belongs. I need to find a good place to display her ashes, but for now I have her in one of her favorite spots on the floor by the window - not a permanent spot, but good enough for now. It's nice to have her home again.

Jeredon (her brother) spent several minutes sniffing the wooden box she's in.

The vet's office also gave me a plaster mold of her paw prints with her name above them. That's so nice to have. I really do like that vet's office - they saved her life two years ago after she had to have the feeding tube put in (she had it for about 6 weeks) and gave me that extra time with her. I'll always be grateful for those bonus 2 years with Nellie while waiting for my little miracle baby.

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