Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 70th b'day, G'pa . . .

. . . and Happy 4th of July to everyone else!

My little Sweet Pea is already over a week old! I can't believe it! Things are going great - I have the easiest baby in the world (and as soon as I post this, that'll change :) She hasn't figured out how to cry yet - she'll squawk and then wait, if no one responds within a few minutes she'll squawk again and then wait again. Anyone remember me talking about how I thought she'd be a morning person? I was wrong! Sweet Pea loves to sleep - up to 22 hours a day! I'm having to wake her up every 3-4 hours to eat. I never thought that as a new mommy I'd get to sleep until 9:00 in the morning! And her most awake time is around 9 p.m., which is perfect for me. She is absolutely priceless!

She is just the most precious thing. She's definitely a cuddler, but is also perfectly content to just lay on the floor sleeping as well. She likes her binky, but hasn't figured out how to keep it in her mouth yet. It'll fall out and then she'll root around for it (thought object permanence wasn't supposed to start for months, but she is advanced so I'm not surprised :)

Breast feeding is going surprisingly well - she's gaining weight (she weighed 6 pounds 12 ounces when she left the hospital on Wednesday and was up to 6 pounds 14 ounces on Friday for her nurse's visit). I'm also pumping and freezing about 5-6 ounces of breast milk each day for when school starts again in August.

Recovery from the c-section has gone great! My last pain pill was on Thursday and I only occasionally take some Advil, at a smaller than recommended dose. I'm so surprised because I was really worried that I would be in so much pain that I couldn't take care of my little one, however my sister said my recovery seems easier than hers did after a regular birth. Only drawback is that I couldn't drive for a week and I have a 10 pound weight limit restriction for 6 weeks (but I had that for my whole pregnancy, so that doesn't seem so bad other than the fact that I can't carry Sweet Pea in her car seat yet).

Okay, enough bragging about how perfect my life is right now. Will keep you updated!


  1. Oh she is so precious...Im glad things are going so smoothly nice change from the IF world right...Now you can just enjoy that little girlie:)

  2. Oh she is so precious!!!! Big congrats....Im so glad that mommy land is much less stressful than the IF world....Enjoy every second:)

  3. She's beautiful.. glad things are going so well!