Friday, July 9, 2010

Pediatrician appointment

Markin had her first doctor appt today for her physical. She weighed exactly 7 pounds today and, with lots of stretching, they said she measured 21 inches long and her head circumference was 14 inches. They said she was right on track with everything and that she didn't have to go back until she was 2 months old, but to call if she didn't start waking up on her own to eat in a couple of weeks and if she had a fever over 100.4. Can't believe she doesn't go back for 6 more weeks - and my doctor appt is 6 weeks out --- it seems so strange to go from weekly doctor appts to not having to go back for 6 weeks!

Markin's umbilical cord fell off when she was 10 days old - it got snagged on my shirt and I accidentally pulled it off but she didn't cry. It doesn't look the best, but her doctor said it was fine and just to keep cleaning it.

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