Friday, July 30, 2010

The dream team

Here are some of the people from the Sher Institute of Reproductive Medicine in Peoria, IL, who helped create my little miracle. I wouldn't have my little Sweet Pea without them. It's probably hard to tell, but Markin is wearing her "I'm Mommy's dream come true" outfit.
Dr. Schultz

Lisa, Jo, Luanne, Brian

Today we drove (just the 2 of us) to Peoria and had lunch with several other ladies and another little miracle, my friend Jen's son Owen. It was fun to put names and faces together, along with really getting to know more about someone instead of just what I know about them from the discussion boards. We met at McAlister's - my favorite place to eat in Peoria. Hope we'll get together again sometime, and maybe even go to St. Louis to meet some of our friends from the discussion board that got their miracles through that office.
After lunch, we went to the SIRM office and I got to introduce Markin to them. Everyone was so excited to see her! She got to see most of the people that work there, but not all of them. We also got the sad news this week that Dr. Schultz is leaving the office and going to Chicago. I know that I wouldn't have my little girl without the great people in this office. Maybe I'll be back in a year or two to use my "snowbabies" and give Markin a sibling. Only time will tell!

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